Saturday, 15 October 2016

Great Homemade Candy Box Ideas

When you’re looking to create some great ideas to house various candies, baked goods, or the like, there is one option that everyone does have. Candy boxes are a simple, yet effective means to create and house some great goodies. Not only that, they’re super simple to make, and all too often, you just need to know how to put it together.  This article will go over a few options that you have with this, and how to get started with the art of creating some homemade candy boxes that work perfectly for you.

The first, is to determine what you’re going to put in there. You might wat to put in baked goods, but that’s not all. Yu might want to put in some potpourri, various jewelry, some change, various mementos, or the like. If you’re giving a gift, this is a great way to house it.  What you’ll want to do after that is to find some various boxes that will fit your needs. You can really make this out of any material, even metal in some cases. You can also get some clip art of various pictures that you want, or some fabric. Choose a theme, and you can then cut it out and then apply it to the surface. As you start to get used to doing this, you can also add in some oil-based pencils to color in black and white drawings. 

Now, it’s often easier to figure out a good design for these candy boxes along with some decoupage with it, when you have a good shade picked out. You should make sure that the color is off white or another shade. Dark shades often don’t really mingle very well and it can create issues. If you have a theme in mind, try to choose a light color based off that theme. 

When you start with this, you will want to start with some gesso.  This is to help keep the shape, allow you to have a slick surface, and it’ll give you an easier surface to work with.  You should make sure that you do put a few coats on, as many as a half dozen for it, then you can apply the various items that you want to, and you should finish off with the last of the acrylic gesso if you’re looking to make sure it has the sleekest design available.

When you’re looking to create the best sort of box available, especially for a Christmas gift, look into making your own. Sure, you could go to the store to get some, and while that might be simple, this also has the element of sentimentality to it, and from there, you’ll be able to give the one that you love this holiday season the gift of making it matter to them, and from there, you’ll have an even better impression to bestow upon them, and in truth, this makes quite a difference in your relationship too.